Lösnich, the romantic wine place in the heart of the Middle Mosel, is very idyllic and traffic-reassured and so it offers its guests peace and relaxation of the hecticness of the everyday life.

Between Bernkastel-Kues and Traben-Trarbach the place snuggled itself into the loops of river and vine landscape in the index finger of the so-called "Mosel-Glove".

Our village is coined for centuries by the viticulture. Our excellent wine locations carry the names “Lösnicher Försterlay” and "Lösnicher Burgberg”.

At objects of interest the place offers a late Gothic cemetery chapel,
the neogothic parish church from the year 1869, the administration building of Kesselstatt and current vicarage, as well as a stately number of Half-timbered houses and stylish winegrower houses from the founder years and art nouveau.

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